Next Generation Global Trade Management

Our mission is to empower companies that conduct international trade to increase efficiency, improve operations, and lower costs. We do so by deploying flexible yet powerful global trade management software that ensures compliance with dynamic trade rules and regulations.

WorkSeer was founded by the same technical team that developed the industry's leading GTM software over twenty years ago. Since then, our software developers and trade content experts have delivered trade compliance solutions to dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Today, this team has reassembled to build the next generation of GTM software, built from scratch in the cloud. This cloud-native architecture provides users with an easy-to-access interface and budget-friendly pricing options that scale with the growth of their businesses.

_ WHAT WE DO ? _

Global Trade Management

The WorkSeer Global Trade Management (GTM) suite is a comprehensive, cloud-native software solution designed to streamline and enhance the import and export processes for businesses operating globally. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a vast library of compliance information, it empowers users to navigate the complexities of global trade with confidence. Whether planning shipments, optimizing logistics, or ensuring compliance with international regulations, WorkSeer provides the comprehensive solutions needed to succeed in the global marketplace.

The WorkSeer GTM suite is an invaluable tool for any business involved in international trade. Access to over 200 global lists ensures comprehensive coverage of trade regulations and compliance requirements for virtually any country in the world. The content library is regularly updated to reflect the latest rules and regulations, helping users stay compliant with evolving international trade laws. Here's a detailed look at the features and benefits of the WorkSeer GTM suite:

Restricted Parties Screening

In just moments, our restricted parties tool identifies and manages entities that are subject to trade restrictions, checking against 200+ RPS lists in our proprietary trade data library, helping to safeguard your business from engaging in prohibited transactions and facing costly fines and penalties.

Trade Export

WorkSeer's comprehensive export management solution offers users advanced capabilities and trade data for restricted parties screening, export license determination and management, electronic Customs AES filings, product classification, and generating required trade documents.

Trade Import

WorkSeer allows users to manage the entire import process with tools for purchase order management, import securities filing, pre-customs and customs entry, product classification, import controls, landed cost calculation, customs self-filing, broker interface, and variance reporting.

Product Classification

Accurate product classification is easy to achieve using WorkSeer's intelligent product classification tool for determining HS and ECN codes. Our system allows for advanced search and utilizes content from our proprietary and comprehensive trade content library, which covers more than 120 countries.

Trade Documents

Users can generate, store, and manage more than 50 essential trade documents. Each document is automatically generated and can easily be printed, shared, or stored in an encrypted database. This way, your documents remain secure until you need to access them again for auditing or other purposes.

Customs Filing

WorkSeer allows users to self-file Customs AES trade data, guaranteeing compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations by leveraging the Automated Export System (AES) for electronic submissions. Doing so saves time and money as users can skip the customs broker process entirely.

Global Trade Content

Our comprehensive and proprietary global trade content library contains trade content for more than 120 countries, including harmonized tariff schedules, ECCN, export/import controls, and landed costs. WorkSeer's trade analysts regularly monitor for updates so that our users work from the latest data.

Trade Engines & Wizards

WorkSeer's Trade Engines and Wizards suite provides users with specialized tools for determining product classification, ad hoc restricted parties screening, and landed cost calculations. Additionally, we provide APIs that allow users to integrate our tools directly within their ERPs or other systems.

Application Connectors

Our application connectors allow users to integrate ERPs or any order management systems with the WorkSeer platform, ensuring consistency in operations during integration. Additionally, we offer migration tools so that users can seamlessly and securely make the switch to WorkSeer.

_ Why Choose Us ? _

Why You Choose Our Products & Services

Pure Cloud-Based Global Trade Management Solution Scalable to the Highest Level to Transform Your Business

Minimize Risk and Avoid Penalties

WorkSeer minimizes risk exposure and the chance for penalties by providing real-time compliance updates and automated regulatory checks.

Confidently Identify Licensing Requirements

WorkSeer identifies when licenses are required and what other documentation is needed by automating the analysis of trade regulations and compliance requirements.

Maintain Compliance Around the World

WorkSeer allows companies to work and maintain compliance globally by providing real-time updates and automated processes that adapt to international regulatory changes.

Deploy Quickly and Easily

WorkSeer deploys in minutes, not months, thanks to its ability to leverage scalable cloud infrastructure, which eliminates the need for complex on-premises installations.

Save Money with Fair Pricing

WorkSeer offers fair pricing based on a user’s trade database size, saving the user money by ensuring that costs are aligned with actual usage and resource needs.

Access Up-to-Date Trade Content

WorkSeer maintains a proprietary global trade content library, allowing for access to hundreds of restricted parties and sanctions lists, classification data, and more.

Accurately Classify Goods

WorkSeer provides accurate identification of HS and ECN classification codes by leveraging advanced searches of the most up to date classification data.

Organize Trade Documentation

WorkSeer centralizes document management by enabling secure, unified storage and easy access to all trade-related documents from a single platform.

Enjoy Working in a Modern Interface

WorkSeer allows for satisfying work thanks to a modern and responsive user interface that enhances usability and efficiency.

High Scalability

Workseer is a pure native Cloud-based solution using the AWS Cloud infrastructure and the avialble APIs to make it an auto-scalable solution that automatically manages the increase in load to provide a consistent performance and optimum usage price.

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Global Restricted Parties List


Countries Trade Content


Integration APIs


Trade Document Templates

Pricing Package

Flexible pricing that scales with your business
No upfront costs. No commitment required.

WorkSeer offers a dynamic pricing model based on the amount of transaction lines in a user's system. There are no long-term contracts, burdensome licensing fees, or confusing credit systems to keep track of. Instead, pricing is structured in a series of tiers based on the total transaction lines in a user's database as well as whether the user chooses to access just one module (import OR export) or both modules (import AND export). This scalability in pricing ensures that smaller businesses can access essential functionalities at a more affordable entry point, while larger enterprises can seamlessly scale their usage without incurring unnecessary costs. And WorkSeer users don't need to supplement their platforms with expensive trade content subscriptions: access to our proprietary global trade content library is always included.

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