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We Are The Best Cloud-based Global Trade Management System

Our mission is to empower companies that conduct international trade to increase efficiency, improve operations, and lower costs. We do so by deploying flexible yet powerful global trade management software that ensures compliance with dynamic trade rules and regulations.

WorkSeer was founded by the same technical team that developed the industry's leading GTM software over twenty years ago. Since then, our software developers and trade content experts have delivered trade compliance solutions to dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Today, this team has reassembled to build the next generation of GTM software, now built directly into the cloud. This cloud-native architecture provides users with an easy-to-access interface and budget-friendly pricing options that scale with the growth of their businesses.

No other GTM solution offers such comprehensive service and flexibility.


Key Software Features

Restricted Parties Screening

Conduct automated screening using a very configurable & complex screening logic against the world's most comprehensive trade content database, with more than 700 lists of restricted parties.

Trade Export

Perform restricted parties screening, export license determination, perform electronic filing of customs AES data, and generate required documents for related parties and customs.

Product Classification

Perform intelligent product classification for Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS) & Export Classification Number (ECN) using Workseer's AI-based trade content database of more than 220 countries.

Trade Documents

Utilize more than 100 trade document templates and automatically generate & store them in your secured WorkSeer database.

Customs Filing

Validate customs data, submit Customs AES files electronically, and track approval status updates directly from the user interface.

Shipment Consolidation

Consolidate multiple transactions into one easy-to-manipulate package using WorkSeer consolidation criteria to perform multiple export related activities.

Global Trade Content

Access trade content for more than 200 countries, including Harmonized Tariff Schedules, ECCN, Country Chart, Export/Import Controls, and Landed Costs.

Trade Engines & Wizards

Incorporate custom REST APIs and online trade wizards to access and manipulate trade content from other order management systems.

Application Connectors

Take advantage of WorkSeer�s Application Connectors, which allow two-way interfacing of external systems via REST APIs, queues, batch processors, and XML/JSON file formats.

Why Choose Us

Why You Choose Our Products & Services

Pure Cloud-Based Global Trade Management Solution Scalable to the Highest Level to Transform Your Business

Peace of Mind

With the ability to screen customers and trading partners against over 700 government-issued lists, WorkSeer guarantees that your business is working with the most up-to-date lists of restricted parties and entities, embargoed countries, and debarred individuals. Our AI/ML-based product classification correctly defines products and provides a buffer against fines and delays that slow down your business.

Future Proof

WorkSeer employs the most technologically advanced global trade management software tools and services, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based product classification and integration with other order management applications using custom WorkSeer APIs.

Customization and Flexibility

Your business needs to move quickly, utilizing tools built specifically for you. Our cloud-native solution provides an agile, available solution, and our open APIs allow you to connect your existing systems to the WorkSeer environment.

Secure Environment

WorkSeer uses SSL-encrypted connections to transfer sensitive information, and our cloud-native architecture extends the intelligence, availability, and security of the WorkSeer application so that you're working within a safe environment.

Feel In Control

The network of bureaucracy and regulations surrounding import/export can be daunting. Remain in control with WorkSeer's most up-to-date trade content database, document determination, and centralized document management system, which secures critical trade documents for easy access.


The Global Supply Chain never rests, so neither do we. Our cloud-based application is always available for users 24/7/365. Additionally, our experienced team provides 24/7 unlimited support to ensure uninterrupted access to the WorkSeer system.

Speed and Efficiency

When you automate compliance with WorkSeer, you minimize export risks by eliminating guesswork surrounding country-specific regulations. Minimized risks and automated document filing increase speed and efficiency within your business.

High Scalability

Workseer is a pure native Cloud-based solution using the AWS Cloud infrastructure and the avialble APIs to make it an auto-scalable solution that automatically manages the increase in load to provide a consistent performance and optimum usage price.

Why Choose Us

Our Experienced Team

Workseer's leadership team members are the original architects & developers of the Amber Road's Global Trade Management System having more than 25 years of experience supporting many of the Fortune 500 customers to perform hassle free Trade around the Globe.

Manoj Choudhary

(Ex- Hewlett & Packard (HP) )
Founder & President

Keegan Garza

(International Security Studies, Georgetown University )
Chief Executive Officer

Vinita Kumari

(Ex- Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) )
Co-Founder & COO

Sanjiv Choudhary

(Ex- Amber Road )
Chief Information Officer

Deepak Sharma

(Ex- Amber Road )
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Meghnath Chintakrindi

(Licensed Customs Broker &
Ex-Amber Road)
Chief Trade Compliance Officer

Some Easy Steps To Perform Trade Export Management


Load Parties & Perform DPS

Load parties information from the ERPs using Application Connector or manually enter data through the Workseer's User Interface and screen against denied parties from a list of over 700+


Load Products & Classify

Load product information from the ERPs or manually enter data through the User Inerface. Perform HS Export & Import and ECN classification for the countries doing trade with.


License Determination

Perform License Determination on the transactions and populate the reports for the users to take appropriate actions including applying for licenses from the agencies.


Shipment Consolidation

Group multiple transactions to a single shipment based on the common criteria and perform DPS & License Determination and generate the shipping documents.


Document Generation

Use our proven Document Engine to generate shipping documents from 100+ document templates directly from the transactions created in Workseer.


CustomsAES Filing

Automatically generate the electronic file for the CustomsAES filing and directly load into Customs' system and update the results back to Workseer and resubmit the failed or rejected filings.

700 +

Restricted Parties List


Countries Trade Content


Integration APIs


Trade Document Templates


We Support Array Of Cloud-Based Products Under The Umbrella Company SeerLinx

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