Trade Engines & Wizards

Trade Wizards

WorkSeer's Trade Wizards provide a user-friendly interface to access its comprehensive Global Trade Content through advanced Trade Engines. Designed to simplify complex trade processes, Trade Wizards enable users to efficiently manage product classification, restricted parties screening, and landed cost calculations.

Trade Engines (API) Integrations

WorkSeer offers multiple REST APIs to help customers integrate its trade compliance features directly into their order management, procurement systems, ERPs, or other systems. These APIs ensure that businesses can maintain the same user experience within their native environments while leveraging WorkSeer's robust trade compliance functionalities.

Harmonized Tariff Schedules

Export Classification Number (ECN)

Landed Cost

Our Landed Cost calculator provides an accurate amount of Duty, VAT, Excise, and other taxes that needs to be paid. In addition, it also provides a computation of reduced rates from trade agreements or preferential treatment offered by the importing country. Our system also considers the incoterm of the contract to compute the actual landed cost to the buyer.

Restricted Parties Screening (RPS)

REST API call to the RPS Engine can be done with the partner information to be screened is sent in the JSON format. Our RPS engine peforms the real time RPS screens and returns the result back to the calling program. If there are matches found in the Restricted Parties database then the results are returned in the JSON format.