Our Legacy

Decades of Experience Have Resulted in Next Generation Global Trade Management

Our Legacy

The WorkSeer team is comprised of both senior software architects and trade content experts, many of whom served as the initial designers and developers of Amber Road, an industry leading GTM software solution originally developed over twenty years ago. Now, with additional decades of knowledge and experience at hand, these experts have developed WorkSeer, the next-generation global trade management tool that offers a modern iteration of global trade management software to companies looking to take control of their global trade operations. Each member of our team brings decades of specialized knowledge, combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of trade regulations and practices. Their collective collective knowledge spans various aspects of the trade industry, from compliance and logistics to software development and user experience design. This unique blend of skills has enabled them to identify and address the critical pain points faced by trade compliance software users in recent years.

Our Chief Strategist & Advisor

Rajiv Uppal serves as WorkSeer's Chief Strategist & Advisor. In 1994, Mr. Uppal founded NextLinx, a pioneering company in global trade automation that guided clients such as Boeing, Cisco Systems, and FedEx in how to define and develop their global trade strategies. Under Mr. Uppal's leadership, NextLinx became the leading Global Trade Management solution by the early 2000's, leading to its acquisition by Management Dynamics in 2005. As part of WorkSeer's leadership team, Mr. Uppal guides our strategy in delivering a next-generation model for companies looking to become more agile and save money by embracing the application-transformation-to-cloud revolution.

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Our Experienced Team

Workseer's leadership team members are the original architects & developers of the Amber Road's Global Trade Management System having more than 25 years of experience supporting many of the Fortune 500 customers to perform hassle free Trade around the Globe.


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