Customs Filing

CustomsAES Filings

WorkSeer offers user-friendly self-filing solutions for Customs Automated Export System (AES) trade data, simplifying the process of submitting export declarations. This powerful tool enables users to consolidate their trade data, format it correctly, and submit it to customs officials globally with just a few clicks. By automating this process, users save time and money by avoiding costly broker fees and ensuring compliance with customs regulations.

Key Features

User-Friendly Self-Filing Solutions:

  1. Intuitive Interface: Easy-to-use platform that guides users through the process of consolidating and submitting trade data.

  2. Quick Submission: Simplifies the submission of import and export declarations, allowing users to complete the process swiftly.

Automated Filing:

  1. Efficiency: Automates the formatting and submission of trade data, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

  2. Cost Savings: Eliminates the need for expensive broker fees, providing a cost-effective solution for trade filings.

Compliance Assurance:

  1. Regular Updates: WorkSeer’s extensive network of customs professionals and its regularly updated trade content database ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

  2. Global Reach: Supports filings to customs officials worldwide, ensuring that users remain compliant across different jurisdictions.

How It Works

Data Consolidation:

  1. Import Trade Data: Users can easily import their trade data into the WorkSeer platform.

  2. Data Validation: The system validates the data to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Automated Formatting:

  1. Proper Formatting: The platform formats the trade data according to the specific requirements of customs agencies.

  2. Error Checking: Automated checks help identify and correct any errors before submission.

Submission to Customs:

  1. Single-Click Filing: With just a few clicks, users can submit their formatted trade data to customs official

  2. Global Compliance: Ensures compliance with customs rules and regulations across different countries.

Key Benefits

Time Savings: Automate the filing process to save valuable time that can be allocated to other business operations.

Cost Efficiency: Reduce the costs associated with broker fees by using a self-filing solution.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay up-to-date with the latest customs regulations, ensuring that all filings are compliant.

Ease of Use: Simplify the filing process with an intuitive platform that requires minimal training.