Global Trade Content

Global Trade Content

Global pandemics and international military conflicts in the recents years have brought new challanges to the global trade landscape thus shaping a constantly changing trade compliance rules and regulations. Staying compliant to the rapid changes Navigating this complex web of bureaucracy is a challenge for even the most resourceful companies. If you don't operate with the right information, you're bound to experience the consequences of non-compliance.

Fortunately, WorkSeer has developed the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of global trade content in the industry. From denied party screening lists to Harmonized System designations to accurate duty rates, the WorkSeer database provides every piece of data to ensure your company remains compliant with international trade regulations.

Every day, WorkSeer’s dedicated trade specialists monitor the industry for changes to regulations in more than 220 countries. They then immediately update the trade content database to ensure that the WorkSeer users are utilizing the latest and the most accurate information possible. When you're on the WorkSeer platform, you feel at ease knowing that you're following the most up-to-date regulations and that compliance is guaranteed.

Key Benefits

Ability to screen customers and trading partners against over 700 regularly updated lists of restricted parties and entities, embargoed countries, and debarred individuals.

Complete audit trail and historical recods of product classifications, parties screening, transaction screening, document generations and critical information changes reduces corporate risks.

All trade contents are hosted on the Cloud environment, eliminating the need to synchronize up-to-date trade content with company systems. The latest trade contents are available to all our customers as soon as they are published by the global trade content team, managing content round the clock for 200+ countries

Timely availability of reliable global content helps avoid non-compliance penalties.