Global Identity Check

Global Identity Check

Today’s global economy allows companies to reach a wide range of clients. But with this expanded market comes the need to verify users in order to be compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) policy. Know Your Customer (KYC) & Know Your Business (KYB) procedures give businesses the ability to verify the identity of a client and, in doing so, the ability to assess the potential risk of doing business with that specific client. Not only is this a critical business practice for companies operating in the modern economy, but non-compliance can also lead to fines, sanctions, and a tarnished reputation for your company. Workseer's effective KYC solutions save you from these consequences and grant peace of mind in your establishing customer identity, understanding customer motivations, and determining the level of risk associated with doing business with a particular client.

The rules and regulations that govern international trade are becoming more complex and intertwined every year. Facing consequences such as fines, loss of export privileges, and even criminal prosecution, international shippers must feel confident in their ability to assess if their partners, customers, or other contacts are designated as restricted parties. What would be impossible to do manually is made easy with WorkSeer.

Our Restricted Parties Screening module accurately and efficiently screens your partners and customers against more than 200 up-to-date lists of restricted parties and entities, embargoed countries, and debarred individuals. WorkSeer users not only conduct their business with increased confidence in compliance but also operate with improved speed and efficiency by allowing WorkSeer to automatically prepare and submit required compliance documents.

When using WorkSeer, users access the most comprehensive database of trade content in the global trade management industry. This database is comprised of information for more than 100 countries and includes data on Harmonized Tariff Schedules, ECCN, Country Chart, Export/Import Controls, and more. When it comes to compliance, make the switch to WorkSeer to finally gain the import/export peace of mind that you deserve.

Superior KYC & KYB Data Sources

Workseer utilizes official data sources for more than 100 countries. With such a comprehensive database from which to pull key indicators, Workseer provides a clearer picture of the assessment of risk for a potential client. Such risk factors include money laundering, fraud, or the misdirection of funds to finance nefarious activities, such as terrorism. Additionally, our powerful KYC & KYB tools allow you to sort through the variances in regulatory legislation across regions and countries, increasing the speed and accuracy with which you conduct your business. Finally, Workseer's KYC system offers easy integration with existing systems and processes and can be further customized for the specificities of your business.

Key Benefits

Ability to screen customers and trading partners against over 200 regularly updated lists of restricted parties and entities, embargoed countries, and debarred individuals.

Flexibility to conduct ad-hoc screening against single records or automated batch screening as an ongoing program.

Avoidance of non-compliance consequences such as fines, loss of export privileges, and even criminal prosecution.

Reduced corporate risk and demonstrable reasonable care via the provision of a complete audit trail of denied parties screening activity.

Increased efficiency and lowered costs through integration with other enterprise systems using WorkSeer‘s Open APIs.

Customization due to the customizable nature of our cloud-based architecture so that multiple organizations within a company can utilize different software configurations.