Workseer Solution

Next Generation Global Trade Management

With its cloud-native architecture, WorkSeer eliminates the challenges of working with legacy software and finally brings global trade compliance into the 21st century. The platform is comprised of two modules, export and import, which are built within the AWS infrastructure, offering best-in-service security and scalability. Each module contains a comprehensive set of global trade management tools, including restricted parties screening, license determination and tracking, shipment consolidation, purchase order management, customs entry, and so much more.

Restricted Parties Screening

In just moments, our restricted parties tool identifies and manages entities that are subject to trade restrictions, checking against 200+ RPS lists in our proprietary trade data library, helping to safeguard your business from engaging in prohibited transactions and facing costly fines and penalties.

Trade Export

WorkSeer's comprehensive export management solution offers users advanced capabilities and trade data for restricted parties screening, export license determination and management, electronic Customs AES filings, product classification, and generating required trade documents.

Trade Import

WorkSeer allows users to manage the entire import process with tools for purchase order management, import securities filing, pre-customs and customs entry, product classification, import controls, landed cost calculation, customs self-filing, broker interface, and variance reporting.

Product Classification

Accurate product classification is easy to achieve using WorkSeer's intelligent product classification tool for determining HS and ECN codes. Our system allows for advanced search and utilizes content from our proprietary and comprehensive trade content library, which covers more than 120 countries.

Trade Documents

Users can generate, store, and manage more than 50 essential trade documents. Each document is automatically generated and can easily be printed, shared, or stored in an encrypted database. This way, your documents remain secure until you need to access them again for auditing or other purposes.

Customs Filing

WorkSeer allows users to self-file Customs AES trade data, guaranteeing compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations by leveraging the Automated Export System (AES) for electronic submissions. Doing so saves time and money as users can skip the customs broker process entirely.

Global Trade Content

Our comprehensive and proprietary global trade content library contains trade content for more than 120 countries, including harmonized tariff schedules, ECCN, export/import controls, and landed costs. WorkSeer's trade analysts regularly monitor for updates so that our users work from the latest data.

Trade Engines & Wizards

WorkSeer's Trade Engines and Wizards suite provides users with specialized tools for determining product classification, ad hoc restricted parties screening, and landed cost calculations. Additionally, we provide APIs that allow users to integrate our tools directly within their ERPs or other systems.

Application Connectors

Our application connectors allow users to integrate ERPs or any order management systems with the WorkSeer platform, ensuring consistency in operations during integration. Additionally, we offer migration tools so that users can seamlessly and securely make the switch to WorkSeer.